The Paragon Ecommerce Ltd Emily Linscott Trophy 2hr Team Endurance Kart race at Brentwood Karting Raceway went off exceptionally well with all teams and drivers having the best fun they possibly could have and the weather played ball too without a drop of rain falling the whole day…but it was bitterly cold though.

Paragon Ecommerce Ltd very kindly came along as title sponsors of the event, and you can now see their banner at the Brentwood Karting Raceway venue too so please give them a shout if you are in need of any ecommerce solutions, ask for Duncan and tell him you saw his advert at Brentwood or on my cars, he’ll look after you.

Eleven teams lined up for the start of the race at 3pm on Saturday 267th October, with many drivers jumping in a kart for their first ever time, against some who are current Brentwood Academy drivers, so there was quite a wide spread of talent and experience all out together.

My awesome race team, Richardson Racing, brought along their race transporter complete with two race cars which we’re put in pride of place in the viewing area for all to see; the Ginetta Junior car that I raced all season was there alongside the British F4 car that I tested earlier this year too.

After qualifying I went out and did some demonstration laps in the Ginetta, which was fun but a little surreal too. I enjoyed pushing the car hard-ish around the circuit but it did feel very big in some areas of the track. I’d hoped id be able to take the F4 car round too but it wasn’t able to get around ‘Bubba’ as the steering lock wasn’t enough. Shame really, but everyone loved seeing the cars up close anyway.

Emily driving the GJ around Brentwood Karting Video Clip

A quick nod to some of the teams who made this possible:
Paragon Ecommerce Ltd fielded an all Celtic team who had the longest journey to get to the track. Emily Glanvill and Steve Turner flew down from Scotland to Stansted and then got caught in traffic as the M11 was closed, Paragon Ecommerce Director, Duncan Fox, drove down the whole way with his fourth team member, Eathan McColgan who’d travelled even further as he came in from Ireland to Scotland to be here. Serious commitment guys, thank you.
Lee Hancock (Handpicked Commercial Interiors Ltd) and his lovely family made the trip down from Manchester and he managed to sneak his two children, Lissy and Alex, on to the karts in their first ever go on a race track too. They both loved it, with Lissy getting better and better every la and Alex finishing the session 2nd fastest.
Many others deserve mentioning, but rather than name everyone, I’d like to just say a big than you to everyone for their support ad effort and for making the day so much fun.

The race was never going to be straight forward, as we’d included the option to play jokers. This meant buying a joker and playing it against one or more of your opponents, which causes them to get a black flag and come in for a stop/go penalty or for a golden joker, to come in and do 10 star jumps. This was so much fun watching everyone, including me, get to do star jumps in the pit lane. But the funniest thing had to be Dan Lee’s idea of an auction. He managed to get enough money (thank you everyone) before the end of the first stint, to black flag my team mate for the day, Peter Sims, to come in for a stop/go penalty…or so he thought. While Peter was waiting in the stop box patiently, Dan and one other member of the Brentwood staff, rushed over to the two buckets of water they’d prepared earlier and dropped them over Peter’s head, thoroughly drenching his from head to toe…and it was a freezing cold day too.

At the end of all the fun, as well as some good racing too, the worth winners were Barry Scott’s Cilit Bangers, made up of Olly Flashman, Ollie Zimmerman, Adam Harding and Harry Nottage. My team, ‘Indecisive’, because none of us could think of a name so my mum gave us this one, came second, so thanks and nice driving to my indecisive team mates Peter Sims, Carl ‘Bob’ Hillis and Ollie ‘Moojoojoo’ Mooij. Third place on the podium went to the British Legends team of Steve Tyler, Sam Hall and my dad, Mark.

One last shout out to my awesome PE teachers from St Clere’s School who entered under the name of ‘Dream Team’. None of them had ever driven a kart before but I think they had so much fun that this won’t be their last time. Big thanks to Mrs Gisby, Miss Harvey, Mr Salmon and Mr Stevens for coming along to support me and being such great sport’s, you are amazing…we’ll say no more about the driving though 😉

Thank you all so much for coming along and supporting me, my sponsors and the Brentwood Karting Raceway team, it was great fun and I can’t wait to do it all again soon.