I’m really excited to say that I’ve now launched my very own merch. Pretty exciting huh? Well, it’s been out for a while but I thought I’d actually get and post about it here too.

The “Emily Linscott inspired Ropelet” was the first item of merchandise made for me and sold as part of my sponsorship and ambassadorial role with Ropelet themselves. It’s an awesome little rope bracelet, designed to reflect the colours of my crash helmet and sold in a gift tin bearing a picture of the helmet on the lid. It’s gained a bit of a cult following and Ropelet have been very pleased with the response, so much so that they returned for a second year of sponsoring me and me as their brand ambassador too. Very proud girl.

The sticker set came next, which my mum designed, and we had them made in time for the beginning of the season. They were a big hit with everyone and they can be seen adoring hundreds of cars everywhere, especially in the BTCC car parks of course, but also out on the roads. My cousin text me after seeing this random car on the motorway, in the middle of the week, with one of my stickers in the back window, I mean, how cool is that?!

Fans were asking about other merchandise that they wanted to buy and when I’d be bringing some out. My parents can’t afford to spend too much on this sort of stuff in case it didn’t sell, as it would come out of the racing budget, so we tested the water first.

Caps. That was the answer. Relatively cheap to make and we were only going to have a few of one type done at first, the blue Snapback. When I posted it up on my social media accounts I was surprised by the sheer number of you that wanted them but also just how many of you wanted something different to the Snapback as it was “too cool” or “too young a style”. So, we went away and came up with three different colours; an all black baseball cap, a black baseball cap with pink trim, and the original blue Snapback, all bearing my ‘Linscott #99’ logo embroidered on the front, and then asked you all to tell me your favourite. The response was crazy, and you bought the first 100 of them…they actually sold out before they’d even arrived!

We ordered another 100 caps and once again, they too sold out in less than a week. A market stall friend, Davai Goosey, owner of The Scrapyard at the BTCC, told my dad that we should think about having some bobble hats made as it was getting towards winter and to maybe not order so many caps next time.

Once again, we ordered three different colours and I asked you the same question; which one? Guess what you chose…yup, all three hahaha. So, we ordered 100 of them, and they sold out in the first week too. I couldn’t believe it, it was mental!

At Silverstone, Davai introduced the ‘#thereal99’ tea/coffee mug too, which my mum helped out on with the photos and logos on it as well as my #the real99, which seems to be getting quite a following. He found the sold well, both at the track and on his eBay site as well. Davai said to my dad that, “on the night of the mug being launched on Facebook by Emily, I had over 200 independent hits and have now sold mugs across the world, from the United States to Australia as well as to Europe and the UK. It’s unprecedented for a Junior driver to even have merchandise, let alone sell it in this quantity; she’s done extremely well for herself, and her fan base is huge?!”

To date we’ve sold 350 caps and beanie bobbles in just three rounds and we’re off to the final round of the season at Brands Hatch GP with another 150 hats for sale, many of which have already been allocated.

We’ve now ordered another 150 hats for the final round at Brands |Hatch at the weekend with many of them already pre-ordered and allocated, but there’s plenty left to go around for those who just want to come along and buy one at the circuit.

So, here’s the current list of items available to buy through various places:
The ‘Emily Linscott inspired Ropelet – can be bought direct from Ropelet on their website. Here’s the link: https://www.ropelet.co.uk/online-store.php#!/Emily-Linscott-inspired-Ropelet-made-from-5mm-black-rope-with-purple-blue-and-pink-fleck/p/85643081/category=23729223

The ‘#thereall99’ tea/coffee mug, available from The Scrapyard at all the BTCC rounds at £5 each or from their eBay account: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253866972781

The sticker set (3 different sizes and 2 different types, self-adhesive and self-cling (for windows)) – £5 per set plus P&P or collection at the race tracks.

Caps – Blue, black or pink at £15 each plus P&P or collection at the race tracks.

Beanie bobbles – Navy blue, black and light grey at £15 each plus P&P or collection at the race tracks.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me, for following my adventure and for buying my stuff too, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Come say hi if you’re at one of the tracks or anywhere you might see me, it’s always great to meet you all.