15 year old Emily Linscott completed a successful 2-day test in Richardson Racing team’s British F4 car at Anglesey Circuit in Wales earlier this week.

With the youngster finishing her latest race weekend at Rockingham late on Sunday, she then jumped in to the team’s Corby based simulator on Monday morning for 4 hours to get some track and F4 car knowledge before travelling the 5 hours to Anglesey Circuit later the same day.

“We’ve been talking about doing an F4 test since the beginning of the year but I wasn’t sure it would ever come off as they’re very expensive because we want to test exclusively, which is why we chose Anglesey as our preferred circuit. It’s a long way to travel but I know a lot of F4 teams use it for exclusive testing, so it was a no brainer really,” said a confident Linscott.

She continued, “the team had rebuilt the entire car especially for me, actually they rebuilt the two cars they have and took the second one up as a spare. I’d had a new seat fitted earlier in the week, so it was just a case of rolling the car out in to the pit lane and getting it out on track. This car is totally different to the one I’m currently racing so I was expecting to take it easy for a while before pushing, or at least that’s what we all expected. As soon as I got in it and pulled off on to the circuit, I felt at home. I did a short shake down run of four laps before coming back in for a check over. It had immediately felt planted and I drove it comfortably and almost immediately posted a time faster than the other team’s driver had all day the previous day.”

After running more than 5 hours in the car the first day, the whole team had been shocked by the youngster’s immediate pace and complete lack of nerves, given that this was only the second car she’d ever put around a race track. Her management stated, “these are not easy cars to go quickly in straight out of the blocks, they’re fast and unforgiving; Emily clearly managed to get to grips with the car very early on and showed us all why she’s such a little star. She was fast, safe and supremely confident, which was great to see, she showed a different level of maturity during these tests.”

The teen recalls her evening, “when I got back to my hotel, I posted some news and photos about the test on my social media accounts and then answered some questions about the day and if I was thinking about stepping up to the British F4 class next year.” The very positive news was the tipping point for Duncan Fox, Director of Glasgow based firm, Paragon Ecommerce Ltd, to contact Emily to offer her a sponsorship deal for the Knockhill race meeting this weekend. Mr Fox declared, “we’ve been actively analysing opportunities to enter the world of motorsport sponsorship, as our business provides ecommerce solutions for the motorsport industry, and I see no better person to carry our branding forward than this impressive youngster. I’ve been mighty impressed by Emily’s story, her passion for racing, and her pace, but also her incredible understanding of the importance of engaging with her global fan base through her various social media platforms. Not only that, but her management teams’ work ethic, in my opinion, is unrivalled, they just work their socks off for everyone associated with them and that’s exactly what we’re tapping in to here. If it goes half as well as we expect it to, we’ll be talking business again soon to be on board for the full season next year, especially if she moves in to the British F4 Championship too.”

Fox adds, “motorsport has a lot to do with money and finding the budget isn’t easy. Paragon Ecommerce Ltd have taken a premium position on Emily’s car, either side of the bonnet and we’re hoping our funds will help her maintain her progress for the remainder of the season as we’re aiming to be a part of her progression and hopefully bring her little bit of luck too. We’re looking forward to seeing our name on live television this coming Sunday as the whole event goes out on ITV4 to millions of people in the UK and across the world, we’ll be there as guests to watch her on track and we’ll be soaking up the atmosphere in the VIP hospitality, we can’t wait to be part of this amazing young lady’s journey.”

The test session was full of firsts for the youngster; First time in an F4 car, first time at Anglesey Circuit, first time on slicks and now the second day was wet, it would be the first time on wet weather tyres too. She said, “I guess you could say it was the perfect way to test a new car, getting to use it in every type of weather, tyre choice and set-up too, I got the whole experience in one go. I even used slicks on a damp circuit which was a lot more exciting than it sounds. And a new sponsor too, how cool is that!”

“I don’t think I could’ve wished for a better first drive in this car. I know the team are happy, my driver coach was pretty proud too and the car was well set up, it gave me the confidence to push early on and throughout the two days. I must admit, I did pull in at 3pm on day 2 because I realised I was getting tired, but I didn’t realise just how tired I was though, not until my engineer was trying to talk through my data with me and I just glazed over and zoned out. They all laughed, gave me a high five and called the day to an end. I’d used every ounce of energy, I mean I was physically and mentally wrecked, and I’m really fit! But, I was happy with my performance on both days, I know I did a great job, and I can’t wait to get back out in this awesome car again soon, “said a very proud and excited young lady.”

As if to reinforce the feeling that the motorsport world seems to be keeping a close eye on this young talent as perhaps they can see an opportunity on the horizon for a woman to reach Formula 1 (or IndyCar in this case), a prominent female racer in the states, Pippa Mann, and her partners, Lucas Oil School of Racing, recently awarded Linscott a race scholarship to drive single seaters in America next year; she’s the first driver outside of the America’s to be given this prestigious award too. Do we dare to dream of a female racing driver at the pinnacle of the motorsport world?

The future looks bright for this promising young talent!

Be sure to tune in to the live television coverage of Emily’s next race from Knockhill Circuit in Scotland on ITV4 on Sunday, where she’ll be back in her beloved Ginetta Junior car supporting the BTCC races, they’re sure to provide plenty of action for us all.