This is so cool.

I was just 5 years old when I went to Snetterton with my parents to watch my dad racing in the Hottrax Tag Endurance Championship, which he refers to as his “toy town racing”, when comparing it to what his profession was hundreds of years before. lol

When I started racing, my mum posted the photo she took of me watching my dad race, I think just to embarrass me really,and Marc Waller, a photographer who is now our friend, suggested we should do a photograph of dad watching me race at the same place on the same track just as a momento.

So, here it is, my little story of our racing family with my dad watching me race in the Ginetta Junior Championship at Snetterton 11 years after I’d watched him racing two wheels at the very same place. The track layout is slightly different and there’s a post obscuring him on the track, but you can see me, which is the most important bit haha.

Thank you to everyone who helped set this up, to those who suggested it should be part of my website and to Marc for coming up with this cool idea in the first place. I guess I should add, the biggest thanks must go to my mum and dad, as without their help and support, I’d not have had these awesome opportunities to fulfil my dream of becoming a professional racing driver.
Love you both xx