Everyone Active’s ‘Sporting Champions’ programme, who started working with Emily in 2017, recently held their latest Mentoring Day at their impressive training and conference facility in St Albans, to help nurture and inspire their supported athletes with the assistance of some household names who were on hand to tell their stories and answer questions.

Teenage Racing Driver, Emily Linscott, is one such athlete that has benefited from their fantastic support. A shocked, but very proud Emily explained, “My management team received a call asking if I’d be part of the Q & A Panel at the Sporting Champions Mentoring Day, alongside Olympic and Commonwealth Champion athletes, Max Whitlock, Colin Jackson, Jade Jones and Jason Carty; I was totally blown away!”

“The attendance at the Mentoring Day was expected to be quite large, but I wasn’t expecting to see so over a hundred supported athletes in front of me.” The attendees were primarily national and international athletes, many of whom represent Great Britain in their respective disciplines and all supported by the EA Sporting Champions scheme. “I must admit, it was a little scary at first but Colin (Jackson) made us all feel more relaxed, as he joked around before we started.” “In true Colin Jackson style, he made me appreciate how important it was for me to realise that I am an inspirational athlete, people were here to ask me questions about my sport and wanted to hear what I had to say, it was amazing!”

As one of Essex’s rising sports stars, 15-year-old Emily has since been signed-up by Everyone Active Sporting Champions for a second year. Hearing the great news, Emily said, “I got a really cool email from Sporting Champions telling me they’re committing to a second year with me in my motorsport career.” “Not only that, but they’ve raised my level to ‘Silver’ in their three-tiered scheme for the next year too.” This an enormous boost as working with EASC allows me to train wherever I am in the country, at any one of their fantastic facilities.” “Having them sponsoring me is such a huge benefit and I really am very grateful to them for their support and recognition.”

Emily regularly trains at the Everyone Active Basildon Sporting Village gym, three to four times a week as part of her performance regime. She continues, “most people have no idea just how much physical and mental training a racing driver needs and how much other work is done away from the circuit to make ourselves the best we can be when we’re behind the wheel, but it’s great to see their faces when they learn exactly what I do and how often I do it.”

“EASC know how hard I work, and I guess this is part of the reason they’re supporting me, you don’t get anywhere without commitment” she said with a smile. Here’s a glimpse of her weekly training schedule, so you can see just what it takes to be a racing driver, other than just having the talent to drive exceptionally fast that is:

Gym Work – 4 times per week alternating between 1.5 and 2 hour sessions for strength and conditioning programmes
Race Simulator – 4 x 1 hour solo sessions plus an additional 2 hour coached session on race week
Visualisation (that’s driving the race track in my head and timing my performance to be as close to my race time as possible – 4 hours
Media and Social Media work – Over 15 hours a week (I like to engage with my sponsors and fans as much as I can to keep them up to date)
I’ll also test the race car maybe twice a month too; we leave straight after school the night before the test day as we need to travel up or down the country to get to whichever circuit I’m testing at, do a full day in the car, so roughly 5-6 hours of driving and 3 hours of data analysis, and then travel back home in time for school the next day.
Testing midweek sometimes means missing school but they’re very supportive and make sure I have all the work I’d otherwise miss, so all of that work needs to be done outside of school hours and on top of my normal homework.
Then I get to the best bit of all, the bit that makes everything else so much more worthwhile, the three-day race weekend. This is made up of free practice sessions, one qualifying session, data work, setting the car up, doing media interviews, meeting and talking to hundreds of fans and signing autographs (I love this bit) and then, the races; two or three 15/20-minute races that are just the best feeling in the world, EVER!”

All of this on top of school work and promotional commitments for sponsors.